Heartland Community College Training

Here you will find a variety of online professional development trainings offered to employees of Heartland Community College.

Accessing Trainings

Click the links in the menu to access information about online trainings provided at Heartland. In addition to the trainings provided here, a variety of other employee online professional development trainings can be found in Blackboard by logging into myHeartland and accessing Blackboard. After logging in you will see Professional Development Courses listed along the right of the myBlackboard screen. Clicking any of these course links in Blackboard will allow to to view the training content within those online courses.

Registering for Heartland Employee Trainings

For more information, a calendar of Professional Development/Training offerings and to signing up as a Heartland employee for trainings, please visit the PD/T Registration System in SharePoint. Here you can search for courses, view the course calendar, create a training plan, and enroll in professional development courses as a Heartland employee.


If you have an idea for a future professional development training or require assistance with creating an online professional development training, please contact Lydia Cochran or Tom Corcoran at the contact information on this page.

Training Questions

Lydia Cochran

Manager of IT Training and Software Services
SCB 2006
Phone: 309-268-8344