CMS Training

The Cascade Server Content Management System (CMS) allows the College to create and maintain web pages for Heartland Community College.

Logging into the CMS

You will not be allowed to log in until you have attended a Website Training 1 class. You can sign up for this class online (SharePoint PD/T Registration). Once you attend, you will receive login credentials.

The CMS is located at

Example Sites

For an example web page of how your headings and paragraph content should be designed see: Example Headings | Heartland Community Colllege.

Visit Example Accordions | Heartland Community College to see details about the proper use of accordions, FAQ guidelines, minimums, colors and proper use of headings inside accordions.

CMS Training Videos

CMS Training

Bob Gibson

Web Site Manager
SCB 2110
Phone: 309-268-8363

Website Style Guide

View the Heartland
Style Guide online